[00:31] <basix`> jazza

[00:31] *** basix` is now known as basix

[00:31] <basix> what is your opinion on the teams for the team ptq situation

[00:31] <Jazza> is that the next tourny

[00:32] <Kangar> scape said he wasnt going to have random teams

[00:32] <Jazza> should I just say who I want to team with ?

[00:32] <Kangar> k

[00:32] <Jazza> gordo and shun

[00:32] <Kangar> why

[00:33] <Jazza> cos that is what we would have wanted last yr when you were talking abotu who you wanted to team with

[00:33] <Jazza> and also I think it is fair teams

[00:33] <Jazza> but

[00:34] <Jazza> I don't really mind cos I know whoever I team with will be v. good

[00:34] <basix> [00:31] <Kangar> scape said he wasnt going to have random teams

[00:34] <Jazza> so irrelevant

[00:34] <basix> what

[00:34] <Jazza> BUT

[00:34] <Kangar> like no names outta hat

[00:34] <basix> why not?

[00:34] <Kangar> cant accept it

[00:34] <Jazza> GADDY, GORDO AND JAZZA will NOT be on the same team

[00:34] <basix> y we can't

[00:34] <Kangar> might have to be

[00:35] <basix> can't

[00:35] <Kangar> why not

[00:35] <Jazza> NO WAY


[00:35] <basix> we have played in like 4 tournaments together

[00:35] <basix> y and it ws haggard

[00:35] <Kangar> 4th time lucky

[00:35] <basix> n

[00:35] <Kangar> y

[00:35] <Jazza> shun

[00:35] <Jazza> and gordo

[00:35] <Jazza> team with me

[00:35] <Kangar> cant

[00:35] <Kangar> we're all megatrons

[00:35] <basix> its going to have to be out of hat

[00:36] <basix> there is no other way

[00:36] <Jazza> too random

[00:36] <Kangar> nah thats random

[00:36] <basix> y random is good

[00:36] <Jazza> nah, work out who wants to play what

[00:36] <Jazza> and then allocate

[00:36] <Jazza> I am U/B

[00:36] <Jazza> :F

[00:36] <basix> lol

[00:36] <basix> you megatron

[00:36] <Jazza> :D

[00:36] <Kangar> im not teaming with you then

[00:36] <Jazza> fine, don't

[00:37] <Kangar> k mise

[00:38] <basix> like

[00:38] <basix> if it isnt done randomly

[00:38] <basix> then there are always going to be ppl who are unhappy

[00:39] <Kangar> if it srandom

[00:39] <basix> and noone has more right over anyone else to choose

[00:39] <Kangar> everyone will be unhappy

[00:39] <basix> so it has to be random

[00:39] <basix> but there isnt any other way easily

[00:39] <basix> so until someone comes up with a way we agree on

[00:39] <Kangar> just not play then

[00:39] <basix> its random

[00:40] <Kangar> n

[00:41] <Kangar> cant be random

[00:42] <basix> well

[00:42] <Kangar> why can dd have set teams

[00:42] <Kangar> even though matt cool and gasman are haggard

[00:42] <basix> your preferred system of old & new is not viable kangar

[00:42] <Jazza> guys

[00:42] <basix> so get a new one

[00:42] <Jazza> who do you want to team with

[00:42] <Kangar> i wanna team with edge and scape

[00:43] <Jazza> gordo ?

[00:43] <basix> dunno

[00:43] <Jazza> ps shun u r not teaming with them

[00:43] <Kangar> im not teamnig with you

[00:43] <Jazza> gordo, we have said, so pls also say

[00:43] <Jazza> I don't care whether u team with me

[00:44] <Kangar> i care

[00:44] <Jazza> but you're not teaming with rob and dante

[00:44] <basix> prolly edge and scape b/c they are the luckiest

[00:44] <Jazza> well I would agree to random allocation on the basis that old and new are disallowed combinations

[00:45] <Kangar> they are allowed

[00:45] <Kangar> why arent they allowed

[00:45] <Jazza> N.

[00:45] <Kangar> just b/c you said so?

[00:45] <Kangar> thats fucken stupid

[00:45] <Jazza> cos we have tried it and it doesn't work for us

[00:45] <basix> b/c they dont work

[00:45] <Kangar> make it work

[00:45] <Kangar> pretend we didnt join

[00:45] <Jazza> rofl

[00:46] <Kangar> u dont see bomber complainnig

[00:46] <Kangar> having to team with cook nad gasman

[00:47] <basix> irrelevant

[00:47] <Kangar> relevant

[00:48] <Jazza> they go okay

[00:48] <Kangar> no they dont

[00:48] <Jazza> we have never done well in team PTQ

[00:48] <Kangar> they're haggard

[00:48] <Jazza> well it will probably have to be random

[00:48] <Kangar> why

[00:48] <Kangar> why does your decision have to be the one

[00:49] <Jazza> cos obviously ppl won't wanna team with shun/gaddy/myself

[00:49] <Kangar> i cannot accept this

[00:49] <Kangar> edge and scaspe are happy to team with me

[00:49] <Jazza> cannot just go oohh let's make a good team and a team that has no chance of doing well

[00:50] <Jazza> you selfish person

[00:50] <Kangar> why cant u do well god

[00:50] <basix> y

[00:50] <basix> highly greedy


[00:50] <basix> b/c not compatible

[00:50] <basix> b/c not compatible

[00:50] <Kangar> irrelevant

[00:50] <Jazza> true, not compatible

[00:50] <Kangar> why have 2 incompatible teams

[00:50] <basix> it is totally relevant

[00:50] <Kangar> you guys have played 4 ptqs together

[00:51] <Kangar> or whatever

[00:51] <Kangar> why split it and have 2 incompatibles

[00:51] <basix> y and we know it doesnt work from this experience

[00:51] <Kangar> so noone wins

[00:51] <basix> how is there going to be 2 incompatible

[00:51] <Kangar> every other combination will result in 2 incompatible

[00:52] <basix> no it wont

[00:52] <Kangar> y it iwll

[00:52] <basix> why

[00:52] <basix> explain

[00:52] <Kangar> why not

[00:52] <basix> why not make 2 compatible teams then

[00:52] <Kangar> not possible

[00:52] <Kangar> no viable combination of 2 compatible

[00:52] <basix> WHY ISNT IT

[00:53] <Kangar> you 3 should be fucken compatible

[00:53] <Kangar> youve been on the same fucken team since time began

[00:53] <Jazza> shun, how simplistic is your view man

[00:53] <basix> y it is

[00:53] <basix> its his way or no way

[00:53] <Kangar> give me a viable combination then

[00:53] <Kangar> there is none

[00:53] <Kangar> to achieve 2 compatible

[00:54] <basix> but why isnt there

[00:54] <Kangar> name one

[00:54] <basix> b/c you dont want to go with jazza and gaddy

[00:54] <basix> or something

[00:54] <Kangar> irrelevant

[00:54] <basix> like why isnt it

[00:54] <Kangar> bc/ you cant team with jazza or gaddy

[00:54] <Kangar> want to get out of default

[00:54] <basix> n can team with one of them

[00:54] <basix> not two

[00:55] <Kangar> why not

[00:55] <Jazza> exactly

[00:55] <Jazza> like going in circles lol

[00:55] <Jazza> you'd think he'd understand

[00:55] <Kangar> fuck you jazza

[00:55] <Jazza> what we r saying

Session Close: Mon Apr 22 00:55:32 2002

[17:59] <edge`> highest and lowest rated

[17:59] <Kangar> what is highest and lowest rated

[17:59] <Kangar> 3 best and 3 worst?

[17:59] <Scape> no

[17:59] <edge`> y

[17:59] <Scape> its edge basix and me

[17:59] <Kangar> fuck of flol

[18:00] <Kangar> i wont play if its that

[18:00] <Scape> thats if it goes by rating

[18:00] <Kangar> how is that in any way btw

[18:00] <Kangar> how is that in any way good btw

[18:01] <edge`> because

[18:01] <Kangar> is there anyone who wants to go with jazza and gaddy

[18:01] <edge`> the best players deserve to play with the best players

[18:02] <Kangar> k have that then

[18:02] <Kangar> highest and lowest rating

[18:02] <Kangar> except replace me with chris

[18:02] <Kangar> and ill play with some other team

[18:03] <Scape> :(

[18:03] <Kangar> thats good for everyone