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Big Numbers

gamblor really wanted others to know what was doing - 29 descriptions altogether.
 [17:06] * gamblor puts on diaper
Sore butt award goes to Jazza` for being kicked out 8 times.
 [02:27] <Jazza`> cos that shit happens to me so much I am used to it ;~(
[02:27] *** Jazza` was kicked by Kangar (Kangar)
Kangar gave most ops - actually 53 of them.
basix spoke most monologues - wrote over 5 lines in a row for 1524 times...

Runner-up auto-chatter: Kangar - spoke 1091 times with himself.

Total count of net splits: 47. In average that is 1.48 splits per week

Most splits per day: 4 splits on 13.2.2003

Longest net split occured on 4.1.2003 4:25 and lasted for 206 h 23 min (2 people dropped in this split)

Most people (5) dropped on 13.2.2003 7:11. This split lasted for 15 min.
#autech's nick flooders: (They just couldn't find the right one...)
Kangar32 Nicks Kangar(95%), KangarPP(2.3%), Kangar-(1.6%), Kangar-afk(0.3%), KangarSlp(0.1%), Kangar`(0.1%), KangarEssay(0.1%), Kangar-slp(0.0%), KangarStudy(0.0%), KangarNap(0.0%), KangarUni(0.0%), Kangar-aom(0.0%), KangarAoM(0.0%), KangarCas(0.0%), KangarOut(0.0%), Kangar-asdf(0.0%), Kangar-walk(0.0%), KangarCrown(0.0%), KangarNYE(0.0%), Kangar-nap(0.0%), Kangar-city(0.0%), Kangar-Red...
gamblor25 Nicks gamblor(80%), gamblor`(9.5%), gambly(7.4%), gamblorPP(1.3%), Gamblaway(1.2%), gamblyafk(0.3%), gambloroo(0.1%), gamblyslp(0.1%), goaussiego(0.1%), gamblyaway(0.0%), gumbyafk(0.0%), gambllor(0.0%), gamblyfnm(0.0%), gamblyout(0.0%), gmablyafk(0.0%), gambly-out(0.0%), gambloreat(0.0%), gamblydinne(0.0%), gamblr(0.0%), Gaway(0.0%), gamblorNYE(0.0%), gambllaway(0.0%), gablaway...
edge`23 Nicks edge`(81%), edge`afk(8.1%), edge`out(4.9%), edge`brtb(2.0%), edgefooty(0.8%), edgeafk(0.7%), edge`slp(0.6%), edgebrb(0.3%), edgebball(0.3%), edge`raw(0.1%), edge`brb(0.1%), edge``(0.1%), edge`ourt(0.1%), edgeslp(0.1%), edge`fest(0.1%), edge`NYE(0.0%), edgeUFC41(0.0%), edge`PTQ(0.0%), edge`row(0.0%), edge`outr(0.0%), edge`footy(0.0%), edge`wwf(0.0%), edge`bball(0.0%)
jayk20 Nicks jayk(74%), jaykPP(24%), jayk-(1.2%), jaykMODO(0.3%), jayk-away(0.1%), jayk^(0.0%), jayk-uni(0.0%), jayk-walk(0.0%), jayk-nap(0.0%), jayk-PTQ(0.0%), jaykjnewempired(0.0%), jayk-FNM(0.0%), jayk-avoid(0.0%), jayk-out(0.0%), jayk-slp(0.0%), jay-away(0.0%), jauk-away(0.0%), jayk-servo(0.0%), jayk-LOTR(0.0%), jayk-city(0.0%)
skirgen9 Nicks skirgen(91%), skirgaway(8.5%), skigaway(0.5%), santa(0.0%), Santa1(0.0%), Santa`(0.0%), slp(0.0%), Saway(0.0%), sickening(0.0%)

Activity distribution

11/2002 - 7/2003

Lines per day Number of days
5 (2.2%)
5 (2.2%)
15 (6.7%)
26 (12%)
46 (21%)
50 (22%)
56 (25%)
20 (9.0%)

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